Friday, November 04, 2005

Rex Murphy: Paul Martin = Mother Theresa

Sometimes, Rex has a way with words.

From Sell the Peace Tower to Wal-Mart?:

On Judge Gomery's understanding, Paul Martin was the lone saint in the brothel, the unoccupied first mate on an otherwise very busy pirate ship. It is a distinction of sorts but a distinction that doesn't really, when you think about it, have a lot to offer. His innocence, and I'm not questioning it in the slightest, about the goings-on in the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party during the years he was conducting an internal coup to take over the entire party has about it an almost miraculous obtuseness. For close to a decade, a stealth department operating out of the PMO was hurling millions upon millions of dollars to the partisan machinery in Quebec, his home province; and the Finance Minister, Head of the Treasury Board, was a lone Mother Theresa keeping her head down in the bordello.
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