Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Reason Howard Stern Isn't Coming to Canada

The Toronto Sun reports that the reason Howard Stern is not being carried in Canada is because the CRTC whined and Sirius bowed to the possibility that there'd be complaints lodged against it:
"When we applied for a licence, the CRTC pushed us about this," he said. "(Stern) was definitely a topic of conversation. We (Standard) are a big broadcaster and have to deal with the CRTC on other issues. And the CBC obviously has a cultural mandate to be concerned with."
I think Sirius Canada is completely wimping out on this and the CRTC should have no mandate to regulate the content of a for-pay service. Absolutely none. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Sounds like the grey market in satellite radio just makes more sense.

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Anonymous said...

Reguly called this a while back:

Liberal lobbyists bagged the cash to land the sat deal:

and CBC's mandate is of no relevance:

Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to contact the CRTC about your concerns.

Under the Broadcasting Act, it is the broadcasters (not the CRTC) that are directly responsible for the selection, scheduling and content of the programming that they choose to air. The Commission’s own role is to supervise and regulate the Canadian broadcast system overall, in a manner that respects freedom of expression and the journalistic, creative and programming independence enjoyed by the broadcasters. The Commission is not a censor board, nor does it generally intervene in the day-to-day editorial decisions and operations of the broadcasters. We do not have the authority to tell broadcasters what they can broadcast, nor can we act pre-emptively before a program has been aired. Nonetheless, when complaints are brought to our attention, we will ask the broadcaster to account for its programming decisions, in light of applicable regulatory requirements.

Enclosed are relevant documents with respect to subscription radio:

I am also providing you with a link to the Fact Sheet entitled "How to file a Broadcasting Complaint" which explains the CRTC complaints process :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not reply to this message. We cannot receive e-mail messages. To reply or to add to your submission click here

Yours sincerely,

Mireille Albert
CRTC Client Services

1-877-249-2782 /télécopieur/facsimile (819) 994-0218
Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
Gouvernement du Canada / Government of Canada

Shedrock said...

You guys can see my little contribution to Sirius Canada.

I shall setup a brand new site by this weekend and it shall stay up until Howard arrives on Sirius Canada.

Mike x said...

Is the CRTC on GLUE! its a pay-service just like the PORN on Satellite TV in Canada!

Bow Down, there is no way I will BOW down I will just have to make a trip to the good old USA the land of the FREE and buy the service.

The right wing church folks just need to take a pill if they don't like the content don't pay for the service and at the same time don't force me into your beliefs.

As for the CRTC, hum what about the separation of church and government. I think the CRTC should just tell them to go jump because it is PAY service.