Friday, November 11, 2005

Pat Robertson is High

Remember, over here, I told you how to talk like a wacko? And similarly, why Valentine's Day, is worse than Hallowe'en?

I forgot to include, that by "voting out God, you're doomed to eternal damnation."

See why I'm an atheist?

This stuff almost writes itself.

And, this is not a knock against religion - religion has an important role to play in an individual's life, but what am I supposed to do? Am I suppose to say, well, Pat Robertson - the crazy nut - says it, it must be true? Am I supposed to find some speck of truth in it? It makes no sense.

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Sugardude said...

You are mad, but mad in a cool way. I like this wacko business here. I'm going to accuse many people of having pro-ignorance and pro-apathy agendas in my school, sounds like fun...

Did you know I had to type "mykalxg" for you to see this?

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It seems only fair. I had to type "vnmwsqor".

Candace said...

Just because the idiot is right wing, doesn't mean all right-leaning-people agree with the wacko.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

That's the fight we need to take, Candace. You've hit the nail in the head.

Mark-Alan Whittle said...

Doesn't using the words of a 'God' to terrorize people sound familiar? What matters the name, is not 'Allah' a God to those that follow him? But to reject Allah, behoves the infidel of Islamic apostacy.

Same horse, different coat of paint.