Sunday, November 13, 2005

Eddie Guerrero, October 9, 1967 - November 13, 2005

One of my favourite professional wrestlers, "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero, has passed away. I'm in a little bit of shock this morning - in the same way I was when I found out Owen Hart had passed away.

WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Kaylie Marie, Shaul and Sherilyn.
From TSN:
Wrestling superstar Eddie Guerrero has died.

Guerrero was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis.

Guerrero made his wrestling debut in Mexico in 1987. He rose to prominence in WCW in the mid-90's where he had many good matches against Rey Mysterio and eventually formed the short lived LWO gimmick.

He left WCW along with Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit and the group joined the WWE as the Radicals in 2000.

Guerrero's WWE career highlight was when he won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in 2004.

Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and his two daughters.

More details to follow.
I'm sure there will be more information to come. Eddie was one of those wrestlers you just loved to watch - high energy, high workrate - He had some troubles in the past; I hope they had nothing to contribute in his death.

Update: Eddie's official website,, has been updated. You can get past the opening page by visiting here.

You can also watch the WWE press conference with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Eddie's nephew, wrestler Chavo Guerrero (who also wrestles in the WWE) here.

Update 2: A tribute video is making the rounds - R.I.P. Eddie.

Update 3: Online Onslaught has an excellent piece on Eddie Guerrero - have a look at it here. The piece also mentions something else that I long thought - on tonight's TV tapings there was speculation that Eddie Guerrero was set to win the World Heavyweight Championship, to take the place of the currently injured Batista.

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