Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Bound by Gravity is shutting down, which is a shame.
This will be the last post to Bound by Gravity - I no longer have the time that it takes to provide the level of content required for this blog. The BBG archives will remain online, as will CanConv and the Unofficial Canadian Political Contributions Search Tool.

In a few weeks this main page will change - I'm not 100% sure what it will be replaced by, but I have some ideas. As I mentioned previously - the archives will remain online.

Thanks to all of the people who read this blog, and especially those who commented on it. I had a blast while I had the time to write for you.

Take care.
Andrew is a moderate conservative, much like myself and I looked forward to his posts. Blogging, especially about politics, can be mentally draining. I'm trying a new tact where I only post when the mood hits me, instead of trying to post every day. It might not attract the super huge viewership, but it'll help keep me sane. What little sanity I have left. :-)

Goodbye, Andrew. Hopefully you'll start posting again.



Guy said...


Everytime you say that you're a "moderate conservative" I can't help but think that you actually mean "closet progressive". That aside, it is a shame that Andrew is closing up shop, I really enjoyed reading BBG.

-Socialist Swine

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

There will be no proselytizing on this website ... blah blah blah.