Monday, October 03, 2005

Theorem of Drug Store Shopping

This is based off of completely unscientific observations, but one that I have noted everytime I go to the drug store.

Theorem of Drug Store Shopping

At any time of the day, there is always at least one person browsing each aisle in a drug store - not necessarily purchasing anything, but perusing it.

Axiom: There will be more people browsing in the areas around embarrassing items (but not browsing said embarrassing items). This is based more on anecdotal evidence, rather than a first-hand account. Ahem.

Now, I came to this conclusion because I was today in a local Shoppers' Drug Mart. I was getting another round of Cold-FX. The aisles at this Shoppers are particularly narrow, meaning that if even one other person is in it, you have to do some thigh-kissing to get out. So, I looked for an empty aisle, and couldn't find one. I had to walk through two guys looking at hair care products (!).

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