Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tea Party Split Up

From the Canadian Press, we receive word that the Tea Party are splitting up:

After 15 years together, rock band the Tea Party is splitting up.

The trio will be "parting ways for the foreseeable future," frontman Jeff Martin said in a statement released Wednesday.

Formed in Toronto in 1990, Martin, bassist Stuart Chatwood and drummer Jeff Burrows are best known for their eastern-influenced rock songs, which include Sister Awake and Heaven Coming Down. The Juno-nominated band released nine albums, most recently Seven Circles in August 2004.

"I am deeply appreciative of all the support Tea Party fans have shown both the band and me over the years," said Martin, who recently moved to the Irish countryside with his family where he's working on a solo career.

"While I'm not ruling out a return of The Tea Party at some time in the future, I am focused for now on my acoustic solo record."
I remember hearing Splendor Solis in my first (or was it second ...) year at university and Tea Party quickly became one of my favourite bands. They are still, to date, the only band I've ever seen twice in concert. The last CD I bought was Tangents, but I love Writing's On the Wall out of Seven Circles.

Anyway, good luck to all. I look forward to hearing Jeff's solo releases.

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