Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The New Orleans Coalition for Legal Aid and Disaster Relief

Just read this in my Yahoo! Daily Alert. Go check it out. Some good things growing in the aftermath of Katrina.

The New Orleans Coalition for Legal Aid and Disaster Relief
The Coalition serves as a contact point and clearinghouse for legal information designed to assist Hurricane Katrina victims (wherever they may be located). In addition, we serve as a watchdog and oversight group to ensure that public and private resources are distributed on an equitable basis.
The effort is on a volunteer basis and services are pro bono.

About the Coalition:
The Coalition seeks to bring together resources from all parts of the legal community (law school faculty, students, and practicing lawyers), as well as non-lawyers, to facilitate the fair distribution of federal, state, and private disaster relief to New Orleanians (wherever they may be) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We will also assist other groups that provide emergency legal services to those in need.

Though the Coalition developed from the efforts of Tulane Law School faculty, students, and alumni, the Coalition is independently organized as the From the Lake to the River Foundation, Inc., membership and participation are open to anyone (especially lawyers and law students) who want to help with this crucial relief effort.
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