Monday, October 31, 2005

Much Ado About Gomery

I personally believe that the first Gomery report isn't going to contain a whole lot of new information that we don't already know. It'll document that ...
  • There was political interference in who got what funding.
  • The bureaucracy created to manage the Sponsorship Fund used it's authority to benefit the Liberal Party.
  • No one currently sitting in office is responsible.

If this is case, the Conservative Party should just let it go - I'd even go so far as to say ignore it. Dismiss the report; "The report is crucial in finding out the what-went-wrong details of the program, but that the more important of the reports will be due in February and we'll be able to show what a Conservative government can do to ensure that this never happens again. We will fully incorporate the recommendations of the Gomery Inquiry."

Period. Get the jump on the competition because every political party come February will all make the same claim and the Canadian public is going to put a lot of weight on that second document.

Now, there is some speculation that this first Gomery report will point a finger at Jean Chretien and indicate that Paul Martin was unaware of the scandal. In any event, Mr. Chretien is reported to be preparing to address the public. If he is implicated, expect this to be a denial - if he is not, expect this to be a "ha ha, told you so" speech.

The only thing that could make this whole long-drawn out affair more exciting is if in Mr. Chretien's public statement he accused Mr. Martin directly. Give his successor the shaft or take him down with him. Not likely to happen ...

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