Monday, October 31, 2005

How to Talk Like a Wacko

I think with my last post, I've figured out how to talk like a wacko.

In order for people to believe your point of view, accuse the people that hold the opposing point of view of having an agenda. People that have agendas are up to no good. The good people have programs, the bad people have agendas.

Next, take a term that is held to be controversial or objectionable. In my last post, I used fornication. That's a good word because no one likes fornication.

Then, accuse them of having a "pro-[insert controversial term] agenda".

For example, accuse them of having a pro-fornication agenda. Not only is being pro-fornication bad, but then to have it on an agenda is doubly bad.

I've also seen some people use the syntax, "anti-[insert positive term] agenda". It's a little softer, and not as forceful.

Which sounds worse to have - an anti-monogamy agenda or a pro-fornication agenda? See?

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