Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cynthia Lai

Vacation over, right back to the shilling. :)

With the departure of Alvin Curling, the former Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, to become the new Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, the Scarborough-Rouge River riding will be having a by-election on November 24, to elect a new MPP.

The Progressive Conservative candidate is Cynthia Lai.

Cynthia Lai, PC Candidate, Scarborough-Rouge RiverAdmittedly, this is going to be a tough riding for the PCs to win, as this riding has been held by Mr. Curling since 1985 and is considered to be an Ontario Liberal Party stronghold. That, and the Liberal candidate is current Ward 41 City Councillor, Bas Balkissoon - who has been councillor since 1988.

Hey, I know - let's start a campaign to convince Mr. Balkissoon to stay on as Ward 41 Councillor! We need you here!

Seriously, looking at Ms. Lai's experience in the community and her experience in business, she seems like an excellent choice and will do Scarborough-Rouge River proud.

Now, the constructive criticism part - the "Team Tory" thing ... It's convenient to have Mr. Tory's name be, well, "Tory", so it could be played that Ms. Lai is part of a true Tory team, but it reminded me a little too much of the Team Martin catchphrase. Blah ... :)

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Anonymous said...


Even John knows that this is a symbolic fight only and Cynthia doesn't stand a chance, but what will be interesting is that if she manages to win, then this election can set the momentum for next elections. If she can convince the chinese community voters to come out and support her in the ballot, she might stand a chance. Also the candidate from NDP will determine the left vote splitting, but as it stand Bas can be assured of the seat, unless he screws up.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It's going to be very, very tough - you're right.