Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All Star Big Brother - Contestant #5 Pick

As promised, I will be making my selections for who I think should be in a Big Brother "All Star" show. Here is my fifth pick.

Jase Wirey - Big Brother 5

From Jokers Updates:

Big Brother is truly a lot more than you see on TV or the internet. It is a huge mental challenge! If you would like to play the "at home"? version, get 11 strangers to live in your dark basement for just one week. Then you can appreciate the insanity that all Houseguests go through! What you see on TV is a person in their most heightened, wacked out state. Things that are insignificant in real life are a big deal in the House. Personally, I am now deathly afraid of spider monkeys, and I pee my pants every time someone fires up the dishwasher. The psychologists say we will never be normal again.

Why Jase?

Quite possibly the most maniacally-crazy of any houseguest, Jase was dominant in every challenge without question - he was only defeated via a back door strategy where he could not compete for veto. In the interview with Jokers Updates, he mentions that he figures Dr. Will Kirby is the only winner who should compete.

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