Wednesday, October 05, 2005

All Star Big Brother - Contestant #3 Pick

As promised, I will be making my selections for who I think should be in a Big Brother "All Star" show. Here is my third pick.

Janelle Pierzina - Big Brother 6
Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, a small city in the nothern land of lakes region, Janelle swears she's never been to nearby Frostbite Falls nor ever met its most famous residents Rocket J. Squirel and Bullwinkle the Moose. But she did warm up those cold winter nights for a lot of lucky sports fans who got to watch this athletic and talented high school cheerleader who went on to compete in the Miss Minnesota Pagent in 2000.
Why Janelle?


Seriously, she was the final member of the Sovereign Six from BB6. She's not only beautiful, but she's smart and evil. That's a deadly combination, if not an automatic shoo-in for a James Bond femme fatale.

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