Monday, September 05, 2005

New Conservative Party in the United Kingdom

Just received a press release for the creation of a new political party in the United Kingdom, with a familar name.

New Conservative Hope: New British Progressive Conservative Party Reclaims Centre-Ground To Extend Conservative Voice. The party's official site can be found here.

I'm not knowledgable enough in British politics to comment on the issues Mr. Noble raises in the release and on the site, but I think his cause can only help to benefit conservatives in the United Kingdom.

Interesting to note that I think the five core values that the British Progressive Conservatives believe in, are the same that the Conservative Party should focus on in light of a likely election (paraphrased from their site):
  • Mother nation is the belief that we are responsible enough to live and run our own lives free from excessive government intervention whilst accepting that we do sometimes need state support.
  • Good neighbour reflects our actions and responsibilities within our community, our country and our planet. good neighbour values are those that understand the need to ensure that actions taken to benefit us do not harm others in the process.
  • One-for-all is the belief that by promoting individual excellence and achievement, we benefit the whole of our society.
  • Majority rule is the belief that our elected representatives and organisations at all levels should reflect the views and aims of those they represent without external interference or bias.
  • Clear water is belief that transparency and openness to independent inspection reflects honesty and prevents dishonest manipulation. clear water reflects the essential importance of Government accountability.
I encourage everyone to read these core values and feel free to comment. These values I think fit in with general Conservative policy and can ensure that we can represent a real choice for Canadians, one that will differentiate us clearly from the Liberals.

I wish the new party great success.

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John Doe said...

It's an interesting move but we are going to have to wait and see what happens...