Wednesday, September 14, 2005

James Calder officially endorses Janelle Pierzina for Big Brother 6 Winner

My name is James Calder and I endorse this message.

I hate that nerd herd "Friendship Alliance". I don't think it's the cliched "everybody hates the goody two-shoes" sentiment either, but between Ivette's crying and April's whininess and Maggie's doe-eyed optimism, I just can't take it.

Janelle needs to win. Janelle needs to take one for the team.

Plus, this post gives me an excuse to put up a picture of Janelle.

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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

The previous comment was a little rude.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, it wasn't as rude as Janelle was on a daily basis in the house. I can't stand people like her and Howie, who actively call themselves "beautiful" and "beefcake". That is such a cry for help and attention. Janelle is cute, I see that, but for goodness sakes, have some dignity.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Janelle cheated on like three games. My husband and I are convinced that she was being helped by someone on the camera crew. She always changed her answers last minute. Okay, that is all. Besides, I have nothing to complain about because she is NOT GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

No worries - just the word usage was bad.