Saturday, September 03, 2005

Interesting Idea from the Green Party - Redeploy US Troops to New Orleans

I received the following press release from the Green Party way back on August 15 - and it seemed like a good idea then, but seems like an even better idea now.
Replace US troops in Afghanistan says Green Party
(Kingston, Ontario, August 2005) The Green Party of Canada is calling for a measured but complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and their replacement with specialized troops from nations not fighting in Iraq, announced Green Party Foreign Affairs critic Eric Walton today.

"Given the long and troubled history of superpower intervention in Afghanistan, and the recurring pattern of growing patriotic resistance, a strategic change in UN troop composition after the September elections would be politically prudent" said Walton.

The US has between 14,000 to 18,000 troops in Afghanistan as part of the UN approved NATO mission, compared to 8,000 troops from other countries. Canada is in the process of deploying an additional 1,250 troops to the Kandahar region of southern Afghanistan to operate as Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRK's). These multi-disciplinary teams (Diplomacy, Defence, and Development) will seek to extend the authority of the central Afghanistan government into a region controlled by Taliban fighters and Afghan warlords.
Besides the obvious gains of not having U.S. troops involved in two international conflicts plus removing a foreign "superpower" from being in military control, those troops could be brought back home to support the relief effort in the southern US. While, it's probably not the rest or recovery time they deserve, it may do their morale a boost to be helping Americans on American soil.

Just a thought.

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