Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Don't Praise Dalton McGuinty Just Yet

Okay, I got my shorts in a knot.

Attention world: Dalton McGuinty has not done a thing about faith-arbitration tribunals yet, so stop sending out "Breaking News" bulletins and "Yahoo! News Alerts" talking about how the West's first experiment allowing Sharia-based family tribunals won't even get started. They just fill up my inbox with malarkey.

What the world doesn't know is that Dalton McGuinty says something to be popular with his core support group (whoever that is). What he then does, is research what he says, figures out he can't actually deliver on the promise, then back tracks. If he can, he'll throw in a "Damn that Mike Harris" or "Damn that previous Tory government". Once, I even think he threw in a "Damn that previous NDP government".

I digress.

As I
mentioned earlier, Dalton McGuinty said he would remove faith-based arbitration, but that requires a change in legislation. Dalton McGuinty says a lot of things, he says them often, and even puts them in campaign ads and TV commercials.

He hasn't actually done anything yet. Most of the time, he does the opposite of what he says.

Why I'm skeptical that he'll actually do anything in the short term, is because now there's opposition to his scrapping the faith-based arbitration tribunals from Jewish and Catholic groups. Dalton gets confused and gets all rattled when people disagree with him or his government's policies.

For what it's worth, I actually agree with the Premier's "one law" rule. It makes sense. There can be no criticisms of fairness if everybody is held to the same set of rules.

But the problem here is, Dalton may actually have to make a decision on his own (even though he had to be pressured to make it) and actually stick by it. Man, that would be refreshing. Maybe even a bit scary.

If he does pass legislation, I'll give him credit. But, seeing is believing.

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Anonymous said...

Someone should mention to Dalton that he'll have to hire a whole bunch of judges and construct some new coutrooms to accomodate all the Jewish and other groups that will be in court instead of arbitration. Then he'll blame the PC's for seting up this whole system and then mention something like "Well at least I still do not eat kittens ...(meow) ... that was not a kitten ... I promise!