Monday, September 19, 2005


Went to a Chinese place for lunch in a food court.

Lady in front of me goes bananas because the server was, apparently rude to her.

My turn and I try to order, "I'd like ...", server takes jab at customer.

My turn and I try to order again, "I'd like ...", customer takes jab at server.

My turn and I try to order again, "I'd ...", server mumbles with other server.

Original server goes to the next person.

I go, "I'd like the Singapore noodles and honey chicken."

Guy behind me orders, "I'd like the Singapore noodles and the lemon chicken."

Angry server asks for "Singapore noodles, lemon chicken."

I go, "Honey chicken."

Mumble server says "What?"

"Lemon chicken!", angry server responds.

So, she proceeds to make two Singapore noodles and lemon chicken.

She tries to pass it to me, and I said, "No, I wanted honey chicken."

She tries to pass it to somebody else, meanwhile, I'm ignored.

"That's probably mine," I interject, "but I wanted the honey chicken".

So, she proceeds to scrape the lemon chicken out, leaving the lemon sauce and a big wedge of lemon stuck in there, and starts heaping in the honey chicken. "Uh," I said, "can I get a new one? I don't really want the lemon sauce."

So, she starts scraping up the noodles taking the lemon sauce with them.

"Ah, forget it." I left and got a sub.

The end. I don't even know how entertaining this is. It sure was painful.

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