Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All Star Big Brother - Contestant #2 Pick

As promised, I will be making my selections for who I think should be in a Big Brother "All Star" show. Here is my second pick.

Will Kirby - Big Brother 2 (Winner)


Born in Florence, Italy, Dr. Will Kirby has a degree in Biology from Emory University, which he received in 1995. He graduated with a medical degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2000 and did his first year of postgraduate training in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center & Miami Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida in 2001. His Dermatology residency training took place in association with Pacific Hospital and Western University. After winning CBS's Big Brother 2, Will went on to host NBC's Love Shack and serve as a medical correspondent for eXTRA! A licensed physician in California since 2002, Dr. Kirby's medical practice is limited to Dermatology with an emphasis on laser tattoo removal, cutaneous oncology, and facial cosmetic procedures. His close friendship with Mike "Boogie' Malin has afforded him interests in some of LA's hottest restaurants including Dolce, Geisha House, Big Wang's, Bella, and The Lodge. In his free time he enjoys surfing, basketball and reading. A physician, TV host, and producer, Will Kirby presently makes his home in Playa Vista, California.

Why Dr. Will?

Dr. Will was the ultimate weasel. After losing his alliance partners Mike and Shannon, and being threatened with eviction for the remaining stay in the Big Brother House, Dr. Will hung on and won. All the while, lying to everybody's faces - reminding them that as long as he has no alliance, he's no threat. The best reality-elimination show strategy.

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Anonymous said...

So Will did make it into All Stars, I wan't even aware of who he was. I have to say when he first came in I thought wow how cocky all he things about is himself, but as the days go on he seems funny and kind of nice. I have to say I really really like him, not that I would want him to win he doesn't need to be any more cokcy than he is now.

Anonymous said...

Will I like Janelle don't go after her if you do ill go after you i known you as a guy looks sickening and cute. I've seen every single big brother and im 10. I also only care about myself. I hope you and Janelle make to the final 2. Are you going to see Shannon or Janelle when you leave the house?