Friday, September 23, 2005

All Star Big Brother - Contestant #1 Pick

As promised, I will be making my selections for who I think should be in a Big Brother "All Star" show. Right now, I select my first pick.

Jean Jordan - Big Brother 1

Jordan -- real name Jean Jordan -- worked as an exotic dancer at a Minneapolis men's club before her four-week stay in the "Big Brother" house. She's also a triathlete and no one's fool. Inside the house, she was a master provocateur, and scandalized the other hamsters with her alliance with Mega and her rascally involvement in the love triangle with Brittany and Josh.
The ultimate question would be whether or not Jordan would want to compete again as interviews have her saying she thought the show was boring. Granted, Season 1 was horrible. It only improved with Season 2 when they got rid of audience voting - people were voting out the more interesting people.

Why Jordan?

Well, she was s*** disturber. She wasn't afraid to meddle and stir things up a bit. She was entertaining in her 29 day stay - back in the days of one eviction for every 2 weeks. I'm not sure how she'd play it now - she's writing a book about her past occupation.

In short, great TV.

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