Monday, September 12, 2005

The Aboriginal Peoples Party

Found this on the CNEWS Political site, Aboriginal party eyed:
The Aboriginal Peoples Party has signed up more than 150 members and hopes to field a slate of candidates in the coming election. But the fact Liberal Sen. Thelma Chalifoux is helping spearhead the party has one MP crying foul.
Who is that MP that is crying foul? NDP MP, Pat Martin.

"I fully support the creation of an aboriginal political party if they choose, but it's doomed to fail in our system because there's very few seats where even a unanimous aboriginal vote would result in an MP."

[Pat] Martin raised concerns a political party could be designed to boost Liberal fortunes by hiving off several hundred votes in tight ridings, allowing Grit candidates to slide up the middle to victory.
So, wait. The NDP is claiming the Liberal Party is now setting up political parties to help siphon votes (presumably) from NDP candidates? No, that's not what he is saying, is it?

"If this is any way a front or any way connected to the Liberal party, then I have serious concerns about it," NDP MP Pat Martin said.
Where did this come from? This one, I think, may win the "Way Out of Left Field Award" for 2005.

All because the person asked to spearhead the movement is current Liberal Senator Thelma Chalifoux, who, I presume would become the first Aboriginal Peoples Party senator. Until recently, the piece claims, she was the chair of the Senate Aboriginal affairs committee.

Whoopee. I smell a deep rooted conspiracy. That's for sure.

Now, that's the hidden agenda to end all hidden agendas. Setting up political parties to defeat your rivals in "close" races.

Puh-lease. Don't the NDP have better things to do?

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