Wednesday, August 10, 2005

R&R: Part 3 on the Green Party Platform

Jason over at Reasonable and Right has Part 3 of his Green Party platform review, My Home and Family.

Some things that I noticed.

The Green Party is advocating a choice in daycare, including offering "tax-incentives for businesses to implement flexible schedules and on-site childcare" which I think is good, but not strong enough. By contrast, the Conservative Party policy is, I think, a little stronger in offering full choice to parents - support for parents who wish to stay home (which doesn't seem to be on any other party's agenda), or using that support to defer the costs if they still wish to use whatever form of daycare they see appropriate (child care centre, friend, family, church, etc.). If we could couple both in some fashion, I think that would be great.

Another policy point that I am in full support of is "raising the benefit levels for parental leave under the Employment Insurance Act and extend compassionate care leave to those who are caring for a gravely ill family member." Since it's fantastic that fathers can use parental leave (and I encourage all fathers to do so), it would be nice if both parents could afford to have the opportunity to be off with a newborn at the same time. Right now, if parents choose to do this, it takes a large amount of savings to make it worthwhile - as I found out with our first. Fortunately, I have not had to use compassionate leave, but I think the same argument would apply.

Like Jason, I question the ability of a federal party to "create opportunities for more outdoor physical activities." What I would like to see is provincial governments require physical education to be a required subject in schools. I remember way back in high school, I took one PE course - and it was ping pong, curling, bowling, and golf.

Anyway, go have a read.

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