Thursday, August 11, 2005

Poll Finds Canadians Want Stricter Security

As reported in the Globe & Mail, Canadians want strict security, poll finds:
The Strategic Counsel poll conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV found that 72 per cent of Canadians support placing video cameras in all public places, and 81 per cent favour "deporting or jailing anyone who publicly supports terrorist bombers."
I'm also in favour of this.

As noted here, after the bomb threat at the TD Centre in downtown Toronto, there are no closed-circuit TV cameras in the GO Train concourse at Union Station. The bomb threat was called into police and the Globe & Mail from the prevalent banks of public telephones from within the open and very busy GO Train concourse. I don't think people would object to having cameras trained on them.

We could also take a page from Tony Blair's anti-extremism initiatives:
  • New laws as planned against incitement and instigation of terrorism; that could include bomb threats made against public infrastructure
  • New measures to keep people inciting hatred out of Canada, or making it more easy to deport them
I think the "no-fly" list is a good initiative too, even though it is way too late in coming.

I think we'd need to ensure that people are first
proven to be inciting hatred within Canada before deporting them, but certainly - let's remove the threat before it becomes tragic.


Anonymous said...

If the following sentence doesn't make you shiver in a big way, then you are a McCarthyist!

"81 per cent favour deporting or jailing anyone who publicly supports terrorist bombers."

I was wondering when the next dark chapter in Canadian history would start... I guess it is now.

And over such a tame threat. At least with Japanese Interment and Red Scare debacles, we were facing invasion and nuclear obliteration respectively...

But Muslim extremism please... A few poorly educated, delusional, social outcasts who are willing to blow themselves up on a bus...

Come on... SUV driving soccer moms blabbing on their cell phones kill as many people as these outcasts do.

Our forefathers would thick us ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I agree with JACKOFFTHECAT. We need to tighten security but we should not be so quick to eliminate civil liberties. Loss of rights is like creating a new tax. Once it starts it is hard to go back.