Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lay Your Cards on the Table Ms. Jean

Previously, I had indicated that we should give Michaƫlle Jean an opportunity to show us that she can be Governor General.

That being said, and in light of recent news, I think she needs to come clean as to whether she is an avowed separatist or not.

How she or her husband voted in the last Quebec referendum is irrelevant.

It's whether or not she or her husband actively supports and promotes a separatist agenda that concerns me. If she does, she has absolutely no business being our Governor General nor representing Canada on the international stage.

Let me be clear here - an avowed separatist is different that somebody who voted "yes" on a separation referendum. Somebody who actively campaigns for the disassembly of Canada cannot be my Governor General.

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Andrew said...

CanConv's Govt::People and Process category is overflowing because of this story. Everyone's writing about it. (well, except me - I'm staying out of it)

Ted Betts said...

There's a sense that the story has gotten away from the Liberals and, while I don't think we really have much evidence that she is a separatist (everyone is relying on secondhand information passed on to us by separatists after all), I think it is time she spoke up.

I think everyone in the blogosphere is speaking about this because - left or right or middle or separatist - it is important to know where the representative of our titular head stands.

But, as I said over at Cerberus, it doesn't have to be defensive. In fact, the Jean appointment is a great opportunity for federalism. As Chantal Hebert noted yesterday in the Star, for once in Martin's tenure, the silent majority in Quebec is squarely on his side. The separatists are very worried about this appointment and that is a very good thing. Rather than come out, as some want, and tell us how she voted in 1995 or what she was thinking in 1993, she should come out and give us a speech about Canada and Canadian unity and the strength of the country in unity. Ignore the fray, go for the high road, speak to Canadians. Inspire Canadians. That is what will make this country more united and strong.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Andrew, I normally stay out of these ones too. I don't normally post about Iraq, George Bush, or Marc Emery either. :)

Cerberus, good point. I think if she came out and said Canada is better united, that would go a long way.