Monday, August 01, 2005

Interesting LCBO Observations

I was browsing through the LCBO the other day and I noticed that a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila is $90 (nine-zero) and a bottle of Havana Club 7-year old dark rum is $23. In Cuba, it's $8 US.

Morals of the story:
  • Sammy Hagar thinks way too highly of himself.
  • Capitalism, much like communism, only works in theory.
Happy Lord Simcoe Day! :)

[Originally appeared on my other blog, James Calder, July 27, 2005]

Updated: I didn't mean for this post to cause something of a firestorm ... it was a poor attempt at humour. That an $8 bottle of rum goes for $23 up here, and that a $20 bottle of tequila can be sold for $90. It was a joke ... a bad one, I'll admit.


Anonymous said...

Capitalism is the only system that does work practically, as long as you don't mix tidbits of socialism, in with it. However, communism is flawed, in it's very premise, which means it doesn't even work, in theory.

Walsh Writes said...

What if the socialists at the LCBO are trying to help Cuba more than some guy from the US??

ferrethouse said...

Forgive me but how does this prove that capitalism only works in theory???

The LCBO is a government mandated monopoly. It is the furthest thing from capitalism. I recently moved to Alberta from Ontario and I asked a lady at Blockbuster where the nearest liquor store was and she looked at me in a confused mannor. She said there was one in the Safeway grocery store nextdoor and another one across the street. THAT is capitalism. I'll look up the cost of those brands if you want but I can assure you that our SOCIALIST government is responsible for MOST of whatever that cost may be!

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Sorry. This post was a poor attempt at humour.