Saturday, August 06, 2005

"I Look for Inspiration" - George Petrolekas

A letter sent to the CBC in regards to the appointment of Michaƫlle Jean as our new Governor General (CBC, Letter-of-the-Day, August 4, 2005):
I too am concerned about the state of my country. It is clear that there is angst in the land; we have lost our orientation. We know not who we are.

But I do not agree with many of your respondents on the subject of the governor general designate.

As a soldier, whose Commander-in-Chief she will soon become, I look for those qualities of leadership, accomplishment and passion, above politics that reflect the best of what this nation might be.

Adrienne Clarkson provided that to us.

Many of my colleagues in the military remark often on her ability to touch so many of us; her memorable speech at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which drew tears from so many, her many Christmas and New Year visits with the troops in some pretty inhospitable places, cancelling state visits and rushing to be close to our injured soldiers after the Khandahar bombing.

These events are just the tip of the iceberg of how deeply, closely and profoundly she touched us in the military. In many ways, she was a compass that set us straight, reminding us of who and what we are.

We Canadians have become a pretty cantankerous, scrooge-like lot judging by some of the commentary here; first to point the finger instead of asking ourselves what we have done to better this county as opposed to living off it.

In Ms Jean, I sense the same fire and passion that Ms Clarkson brought to the office.

She has devoted time to the cause of battered women, a point that none of your respondents thought worth mentioning. She has done something to better her adoptive land.

As a soldier, I care not from whence she came, or the colour of her skin nor that she resides in Quebec. I look for inspiration, humility, dignity and the grace that befits the office she is to occupy.

And in Ms Jean’s case I see ample evidence of all these qualities. I happily affirm my loyalty.

George Petrolekas | Brunssum, The Netherlands
I'm thinking there aren't that many "George Petrolekas" in the Canadian Forces. George Petrolekas of the Royal Montreal Regiment was an officer with the Canadian Forces in Bosnia (1993-94) and since then has been a senior executive with international telecommunications companies.

If he's willing to give the new GG a chance, I think we all can.

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