Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fantasy World Order

Give this one a go.

Fantasy World Order
Where do you stand in the globalisation debate? Do you put your faith in regulation or the free market? If you were world leader, what would your policy agenda be? Let fantasyworldorder help you decide!

fantasyworldorder will help you determine the political position closest to your own. Create your own fantasy world leader and find out how you score against public opinion - the most popular fantasy world leader wins a prize.
I went in thinking I was a "Regulator", but came out a "Protester" for some reason.

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RP. said...

Same here, regulator who turns out protester. I have no idea why. I have a feeling it's a bit skewed towards finding that result.

Michael Fox said...

You're right, the questions are slanted. They're worded to make one option sound very unappealing. I picked the negatively worded options and came up with Regulator, Followed by Liberator.

They spelled "skeptic" incorrectly.