Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Done and Done

I'm satisfied.
I am deeply touched and wish to thank all those who have so warmly greeted the news of my recent nomination to the office of Governor General of Canada. Others have questioned my attachment to Canada and that of my husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond.

I want to tell you unequivocally that both he and I are proud to be Canadians and that we have the greatest respect for the institutions of our country. We are fully committed to Canada. I would not have accepted this position otherwise.

We are equally proud of the attachment to Quebec that we have always shown beyond any partisan considerations. Let me be clear: We have never belonged to a political party or the separatist movement.
Thank you, Ms Jean - I appreciate it. Could have been done a bit sooner to avoid all the drama ... but, meh.

I also like to delude myself into thinking that she made this announcement after my last post.

Update: Hey, that might not be far off. Speech came at 12:15 Eastern ... a few hours after the previously mentioned post ... eh? Could be.



shawnprice5324 said...
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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

That was the longest spam comment ever. EVER~!

T.C. said...

Please visit my site and my comments about the Governor General. Good work.