Friday, August 12, 2005

Abbot & Costello Routine

I probably could have posted this last March when it originally happened, but today's exchange with my son needs to be documented for all posterity.

Last March, we went on a Caribbean cruise leaving from Miami. Yes, the cruise was fantastic!!. Anyway, we had to fly into Miami.

Anyway, driving with my son today we notice a bus - one of those big motorcoaches.

"Daddy," he says, "I went on a big bus like that."

"Yes," I replied, "When we were in Miami."

"Yeah, that's right, when we were in your Ami."

"No, Miami."

"I said 'your Ami'."

"No, the city's name is 'Miami'".

"Your Ami."

"No. Mi-ami."

"Your Ami."

"No, the city's name is 'Miami'".

"Stop talking, Daddy."

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