Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Are You Doing Mr. Grewal?

This guy is cropping up too much (CBC Online, Grewal's election expenses under scrutiny):
Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal is at the centre of another political storm. CBC News has learned that he is being investigated by the RCMP over irregularities in his 2004 election expenses.
The article goes on to allege that campaign contributions made to Mr. Grewal were not directed to the Conservative Party or to his campaign.

If the allegations are true, then Mr. Grewal needs to be out of caucus.

Now, I'm not letting Mr. Dosanjh off the hook - but, Mr. Grewal is just becoming too much of a nightmare. I cringe every time I see his name in the news.

Mr. Grewal should step aside, until the allegations can be sorted out. If he's vindicated, so much the better - but right now, it doesn't look good.

Updated (July 12, 2005 - 8:33): I just noticed that Bound by Gravity also wrote on this same article, and I think I'm inclined to agree with Andrew:

Continuing to support Grewal by allowing him to retain his status as a Conservative MP cannot continue - he is sliming the party with his presence.
I think the Conservative Party and Mr. Grewal must be separated while they sort this mess out. Mr. Harper should stop supporting MPs that don't stay on message or even appear not to stay on message.

Updated (July 12, 2005 - 10:23): I was called to task, and I think it's fair to point out that these campaign fund things can go wrong and likely do for a lot of politicians - wrong accounts, no receipts, etc. Mr. Grewal is under far more scrutiny and public attention then other politicians. That's true.

As mentioned in the comments section, unfortunately in politics, the delivery of the message is sometimes as important as the message itself, and if we appear to be off message, it doesn't bode good.


ferrethouse said...

This is minor. I would be very surprised if, amidst hundreds of cheques being written, that numerous other MPs aren't guilt of this.

The scary part of this is how after going after the liberals there are suddenly all of these things geing "revealed" about Grewal. Don't challenge the government or it will go after you with everything it has. FASCISM.

I'm not defending Grewal's actions. I'm attacking the liberals (and their media accomplices) for single-mindedly going after him for revenge. That is far scarier than a couple of rogue election donations.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

That's true too. I really should give Mr. Grewal the benefit of the doubt here. And you're right, too.

One of the unfortunate problems with politics is that the delivery of the message is as important as the message itself.

The Liberals have that delivery down pat. Even when they say nothing, they still get praised.

Anonymous said...

This isn't minor. You Tory big-talkers are all about financial accountability. Well, where is it? You make excuses for Grewal's theft. What about the contributors that did not get tax recepits. that is money out of their pocket.

Tories are all talk and no action. Why does Harper keep this loser around?

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Unfortunately, if your main talking points are going to be "the other guys are corrupt crooks and you need to elect us to clean up this mess" then you really can't say "oh, this is minor" or "I bet everyone does this (or a lot of people do this)" when accusations are made against one of your own.

Sure, it may not be fair (memo to everyone... life's not fair!!!) but if one is going to attack the Liberals, and claim to be different, it would help to be SEEN to be different. As long as large numbers of Canadians believe that "all politicans are the same" or "the Conservatives are no better, they just haven't had a CHANCE to waste/steal taxpayer money..." then the CPC is in BIG trouble. (Unless they change tactics and focus less on corruption, and more on how THEY would govern DIFFERENTLY... but I've given up hope of that ever happening). And whatever it does, this story does tend to reinforce the perception that ALL politicians do this sort of thing... so why should we punish the Liberals?

If there's the slightest hint that corruption is widespread, and not just in the Liberal camp (or that the CPC is merciless in attacking corruption in others, but soft on their own) then people are going to stick with the "devil they know". Again, it may not seem fair, but that doesn't make it any less real!

Of course, if people felt that Liberal government policies (setting corruption aside for the moment) had hurt the nation, then maybe they'd be willing to change horses, even if they were a little unsure that the new horse would be any less corrupt. But the majority of Canadians seem pretty happy with how the country's doing, and every time I turn around the CPC policy looks more and more like the Liberal's policy (which just suggests that the CPC is pretty happy with how the country is doing too... corruption aside). And many voters (convinced that corruption is a trait of POLITICIANS not just Liberal politicians) will say, if it ain't broke...

It's far from fair perhaps, but welcome to the real world.

Somena Woman said...

"Oh... we should give him the benefit of a doubt... wink wink.. nudge nudge... I'm sure he's doing nothing wrong.. besides which.. if we raise the alarm...it will look bad for the party"

think about this... don't you find it easy to imagine that there are Liberals currently in Paul Martin's government who comforted themselves with these same kinds of rationalizations for the behavior of their fellow party members when they saw trouble looming with Adscam?

How do you THINK the Liberals got corrupt? Because the Liberals have been doing for years what the CPC is now edging into... turning a blind eye to corruption because it's not good for the party to speak out against it.