Friday, July 22, 2005

The New Reality?

You're probably not aware, but the Toronto-Dominion Centre in downtown Toronto was the target of a bomb threat today. For awhile, it wasn't even in the news. Now I see it is (Globe & Mail, TD building target of bomb threat)

What makes this bomb threat different is that it was in close proximity to me. By "close proximity", I was one of the "confused employees" referred to in the piece, although I wasn't on the ground out of my building till 2:22 pm (I checked the time so I could note the what time it was if something happened).

Starting at about 11 or so, I could see people streaming into the TD Centre courtyard. I went for lunch at about 12:30 pm, and got back to my desk at about 1:30 pm ... There were still a lot of people milling around, I just thought it was a fire drill. Got back to my desk worked for a bit, decided to grab a coffee (at about 2 pm), that's when we were told to leave the building.

I can attest to the "no communication" part too in the piece.

It does make you think, "What would you do?".

Here's what I did.

I left the building, went and downed a pint of Guinness, got on the next train home.

I'm ready to start the whole thing over again on Monday.

Communication needs to be better, if I can offer a suggestion.

This is, afterall, the new reality.


Canadianna said...

Do your employers still enjoy your loyalty after their handling of this situation?
Many years ago in the 1980s I worked at Prudential in Scarborough. We had numerous bomb threats and were evacuated each time.
I can't understand them letting you back into the building.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on telling us; I think there was some genuine lack of communication on the part of those that were responding to the threat.

Although the employers that didn't say anything ... I don't know if that was justified.

The article shined a light on something else. The article indicates that threats were received at all 6 TD towers; we were told just the main TD Bank Tower - not my tower, btw - the one where all the people were milling about.

Either the paper was wrong, or the communication was wrong. Neither possibility is comforting.

I'll tell you something else - that was the best tasting pint of Guinness I've ever had. :)

Jason Monteith said...

Wow... I never even heard of that until now.

I work downtown as well, maybe a block or so away from the TD Centre.

Certainly sounded like a scary situation. But good to hear nothing ended up happening. Also, glad to hear you enjoyed that Guinness!