Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Investigation Strategy - Just Ask Suspect if they are Guilty

I don't want to belittle the case of the alleged drugging of health care workers in Grande Prairie (Police use questionnaire to ask who drugged nurse), but, am I off my rocker when I think it's silly to put together a questionnaire asking potential suspects if they did it?

Staff have now been asked to answer questions including, "Did you purposely drug a nurse?", "How could a nurse become drugged?" and "What are the five top issues that could have led to this situation?"

It reminds me of the Kids in the Hall episode where the judge rules the defendant "not guilty" because he pleads not guilty. "Mr. Prosecutor, did you ask the defendent if he did it? You're not a very good prosecutor, are you Mr. Prosecutor."

In a related story, RCMP have sent the Liberal Party the following questionnaire:

  • Did you purposely steal tax money?
  • How could tax money be purposely stolen?
  • What are the five top ways the Liberal Party could have stolen money?
  • Aw c'mon, just admit you stole the money. Please?


Storm Trooper said...

Wait and see if it works...

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Good point.