Friday, July 08, 2005

Layton: Praised For Doing Something, Maybe, He's Not Sure

Time to inject a little humour. NDP leader Jack Layton got a strong message that the Assembly of First Nations is behind him (Strong show of support for NDP at First Nations assembly):
An appearance by federal NDP leader Jack Layton at the Assembly of First Nations annual meeting on Wednesday provided graphic evidence of the kind of support the party enjoys among aboriginal Canadians. Layton received a standing ovation from chiefs and observers from across the country.
He thinks he knows what the applause was for, he's just not sure:
Layton said he demanded that Prime Minister Paul Martin spend more on aboriginal housing and post secondary education.


But Layton later said that the government has not yet said how much of that money will be earmarked for aboriginal programs.
I wonder if Mr. Layton was in the room when Paul Martin and Buzz Hargrove negotiated the budget amendment. I mean, this is a great day for the Assembly of First Nations. Maybe. Jack doesn't know yet. Jack is on top of First Nations issues. He thinks. He remembers asking, and looking over to make sure Buzz was nodding his approval ...

Oh, but he'll be back for sure at the next round:
"The AFN is talking about a third or more of the housing going toward aboriginal housing. I think that's a reasonable demand," Layton told hundreds of delegates gathered in Yellowknife for annual assembly.

Layton says he will pressure the prime minister to meet that demand.
... By threatening another all day session with Buzz Hargrove.

Did I miss the by-election that saw Mr. Hargrove elected leader of the NDP?

I miss Ed already.


Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

I think its time that Stephen Harper competes ideas with Jack Layton. Mr. Harper should go to the first nations and preach a gospel of enterpreneurship and empowerment is the best tools for Aboriginal Canadians. With Aborginal Canadians becoming an economic force will benefit all Canadians. This is much more better than the statist mentality of Jack Layton anyday.

Anonymous said...

There are a few books on the subject, some very