Sunday, July 24, 2005

From, "Marriage, that sacred arrangement..."

Stumbled upon this blog, Notes from an Exile, and specifically this post, Marriage, that sacred arrangement....

The author is from Australia New Zealand and has since moved to Canada, Montreal specifically. In this piece, she describes how proud she is of Canada for adopting gay marriage and how she describes her thoughts on it.

Not once does she mention the politics or the debates or the bickering, just what occurred to her mindset when it was realized.

The paragraph that hit me the most was this one:
Sometimes we are struck by the fact that there are those out there in the wide world who would view our union (this beautiful, tenous thing that exists between us; this communion that sustains us; this amazing gift that we hold gently in our hands and marvel at every day of our lives) - as something abhorrent. Shameful. Unnatural.
In light of the events of recent days, we may be better off not quickly identifying so many things as abhorrent, shameful, or unnatural and just concentrate on eliminating the really horrible things the world is throwing at us.


Kirsten said...

I feel very much as you do, Jim. And thank you so much for the mention here, for your thoughtful take on things, and for your comment on Notes. I appreciate it.

Kirsten said...

ps...By the way, and forgive me for nit-picking Jim, but I am actually from New Zealand! Although - and to be fair to you - I do have a foot in both camps (so to speak) as my Dad is from Oz....

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I don't know why I messed that up. I'm not even sure why I thought Australia, now that I think about it. Not one single "g'day" in the whole article. :-)

I know - for some reason I equated kiwi = australian ... duh.

Nevermind, that then.