Thursday, July 28, 2005

CPC at 31%, Liberals at 34%

I'm going to join the throngs. The latest Environics poll shows the following results (hat tips to Bound by Gravity and Nealenews):

Liberals - 34% (-2%)
Conservatives - 31% (+1%)
NDP - 20% (+1%)
Bloc - 11% (nc)
Other - 4% (nc)
Undecided - 11% (-2%)

What does this mean? The Undecided Party are going to take the same number of seats as the Bloc. Just kidding. Seriously, the Liberal Party has launched a lawsuit against the Undecided Party for copyright infringement. Er, sorry that was sooo obvious. You could see that coming a mile off. :)
Across the country, party preferences have moved modestly in some regions. The Liberals have lost some ground in Quebec and on the Prairies, and widened their lead in the Toronto area. The Conservatives have made gains across western Canada where they had been losing ground in previous surveys. The NDP has suffered some losses in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The BQ continues to hold a massive lead in the province of Quebec.
The Conservatives are picking up support at the expense of the NDP and Liberals in the mid-west, which is some great news. As for the leaders:
The percentage of Canadians who approve of the job being done by Prime Minister Paul Martin has continued its steady year long decline and now stands at an all-time low of 41 percent. Over half of Canadians (56%) now disapprove of Paul Martin.

There has also been a steep decline in the proportion of Canadians who approve of the job being done by Conservative leader Stephen Harper. Currently, just 33 percent approve, while six in ten (59%) disapprove. As has been the case with Paul Martin, approval of Stephen Harper has been declining steadily in each survey conducted over the past year.

Approval of the job Jack Layton has done as NDP leader has risen by five points to the current level of 57 percent, making him the only national party leader who is approved of by a majority of Canadians. Three in ten Canadians (31%) disapprove of Layton.

Almost two-thirds of Quebecers (64%) approve of Gilles Duceppe as Bloc Québécois leader, up slightly from April.
There's no question that Mr. Layton is on fire. Unfortunately for him, he's unable to turn that into support for the NDP, although 20% is not bad ... The 20% is likely as a result of the "We Made Parliament Work" tag-line - the funny thing is, if the Liberals do reneg on the budget amendment as is conjectured, the NDP would be the ones to suffer for it, I bet.

Just something to talk about.


WE Speak said...

To get a really good picture - take a look at Evironics polls from the last year.

As far as Layton goes, he really should have listened to Ed Broadbent. Nothing good has ever come of the NDP supporting minority Liberal governments. The Liberals are masters at this, and have used it to devastating results for the NDP in the past. I think history will be repeated here, especially once Jack starts engaging that mouth of his in the fall.

Oxford County Liberals said...

I'm going to poke you only gently, Prog Right.. but this is one poll that shows this.... the others have shown nowhere near the degree of closeness between the Libs and the Cons as Environics.... so I'm not sure I'd be going into hysterics over it til I see a couple of other polls that show the same results... otherwise, I consider this poll to be an outlier.

Anonymous said...

Everybody konws this poll is horseshit.

You can take that to bank.

Mark Richard Francis said...

It's a great sample size, but spread out over a long period of time.

I'm working on a post which includes this in the context of other polls.

Walsh Writes said...

Gay marriage rammed down the throats of Canadians can't help keep the hotdogs and burgers down when followed by the beer like our ususal summer diet stayed down in previous years

Anonymous said...

Brian Walsh is a one-issue doofus. I see your posts all over the blogging tories crying about SSM. Majority of Canadians approve of SSM. In a democracy that carries the day.

Myron said...
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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Re: comment deletion; I try not to remove comments, but I'm not sure what that last comment was doing in the discussion regarding the latest Environics poll.

Anonymous said...

See V for Victory for figures for Ontario and Quebec outside of Toronto and Montreal.