Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Alberta Health Reform - "Action 2"

Continuing with the same premise as discussed in Alberta Health Reform - "Action 1", I'll take a look at Action 2.

Action 2: Improve access and efficiency
Ask Albertans what their number one concern is with health care and the answer is clear – it’s access. While there’s no doubt people get immediate care when there’s an emergency, too often people wait too long for MRIs, for hip and knee replacements, for heart surgery or cancer treatments. Through a series of pilot projects, physicians, health authorities and the province are working together to streamline the process, get rid of bottlenecks, and speed up access to important health services.

Summer 2005
Announce changes to the Alberta Waitlist Registry

Albertans can check the Alberta Waitlist Registry for more information about waiting times for key treatments and services. With changes this summer, the Registry will also link directly to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta so that patients can see information about individual surgeons.

That's reasonable. I guess this is more informative - but, I'd like to see guidelines around what constitutes a reasonable wait time. Across Canada, not just Alberta.

Although, I'm not familiar with the Alberta Waitlist Registry. What does it do?

Now to 2006
Launch pilot projects to remove inefficiencies and speed up access

April 2005 – A new pilot project provides centralized booking for hip and knee replacements and speeds up access
Late 2005 – Launch a similar project for coronary artery bypass surgery
Early 2006 – Breast cancer care project and project for MRIs and CT scans begins
2006 – Projects for prostate cancer care, children’s mental health services, and cataract surgery begin
Pretty good stuff here. Centralized booking for all procedures would make it, at least appear, more efficient.

Action 3 later.

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