Friday, June 03, 2005

Tory and Grit Bias in the Media

I'm going to point you to a blog entry by Lorne Gunter, of the National Post. He echoes my thoughts immensely.

The Liberals will slip away unscathed in the Grewal affair, too.

You know how the media jumps on a story, beats it to death, and then leaves it alone. Take pitbull attacks. The media and the government label all pitbulls as dangerous. Whenever there's a pitbull attack, it's front page news, spawns endless commentaries, and endless debates on the merits of owning pitbulls. I'm sure German shepherds bite people too. How come there's no stories about that?

Take the Grewal case. Mr. Grewal tapes a conversation with Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy. 46 seconds out of a 4 hour conversation is deemed sketchy by experts, but it's Grewal's character that is questioned. Grewal's the pitbull and Dossanjh/Murphy are two rabid German shepherds if my analogy is failing on you. Grewal is lambasted because he's a Conservative, and the Liberals are the victims.

The heart of it is Mr. Gunter's assertion, I repeat here (but encourage you to read the whole piece):

Canada's media -- most of it -- merely holds the Liberals and Tories to two different standards. Because Libs and reporters have similar temperaments, run in similar circles, have similar interests, the Libs are given a freer ride. Reporters assume they meant well. They fill in the blanks Grit words and actions leave behind with flattering explanations.

When the Tories leave similar gaps, the media is instantly convinced those blanks conceal awful motives and plans, so they default to mistrusting the Conservatives. The Tories come from different backgrounds, hold different perspectives than reporters, enjoy pursuits that reporters find foreign (going to church, any church, for instance).

Because they are not like the people reporters know and associate with, Conservatives are not to be trusted.
Too true. The sad thing is, most of the Canadian electorate rely on this information. The whole "hidden agenda" farce is just that, a farce, but most Canadians think it true.

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