Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rogues in Red

It is interesting to note that when a few "rogue" members of the Conservative Party do something, it's Stephen Harper's fault and Conservative Party policy in general.

But, when a few "rogue" members of the Liberal Party do something, it's not Paul Martin's fault (nor Jean Chretien's) and certainly not Liberal Party policy in general.

From, Liberals owe Canadians $5.4 million: Bloc.
[LPC lawyer Doug Mitchell] added that the scandal is the fault of a "few rogue members" of the Liberal party, arguing there was no evidence of a government-orchestrated kickback system.
Mmm ... rogue Liberals ... where have I heard that before ...


Either he's right, and a few rogue members of the Liberal Party can take the country for a ride with no one knowing, or the Liberal Party of Canada has a hidden agenda.

I'm not sure which is worse.


Anonymous said...

Well it's simple. Is Grewal part of a vast CONspiracy or is he a rogue. C'mon we know he's a rogue. Not every single Tory has participated in his immigration fraud or tape shenanigans.

Same with the Liberals, it's just a rogue few. BTW you guys have been saying the Liberals stole $350 million. Now its either 5 million or 700,000. Have you guys been lying all this time or were you sadly misinformed.

You owe Liberals an apology.

Canadianna said...

An apology?
You are kidding, right?