Tuesday, June 07, 2005

PM meets with Liberal MPs opposed to same-sex marriage

I'll post this article from CBC Online:
I'll go on the record that I support the secular re-definition of marriage to include same-sex marriage. That said, I don't expect any institution to perform a ceremony that contradicts their core beliefs (be it church or temple or synagogue or ... whatever).

I do not believe a bureaucrat working in city hall or in a registry office can refuse to issue a marriage license if it's law, anymore than an individual working for a natural resources department can refuse to issue a fishing license because they think fishing is cruel. Or can they?

Marriage is really the only religious concept that crosses over in its (near) traditional form into the secular world. There is no secular version of a baptism, communion, or bar mitzvah. Similarly, there's no religious version of birth registration, drivers' license exams, or social insurance number registration.

I'm not particularly religious as I don't have much use for the "big-box" religions, so an argument that says its not in (insert deity's name here)'s plan doesn't hold much sway with me. The Charter is pretty clear on what the provision of services must be delivered and when they are not allowed to be withheld.

This debate is not very cut and dry.

For debate:
  • More a question. Can someone working for natural resources refuse to issue a hunting or fishing license because they are opposed to that practice?


Anonymous said...

Another question that needs to be asked, on a daily basis like they did with Harper last election, is "would Paul Martin use the not-withstanding clause to make sure that religious rights are not trumped by individual rights in the Charter?" We need to get this clarified on how he will keep these new promises if it goes against other Charter rights.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Good point.

I think this is systemic of most Liberal legislation. Let's put something out there that wins a lot of support because it sounds good (ie., gun registry and job grants, etc.) but let's not worry about the process or the details.