Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ontario Liberals to end Mandatory Retirement Age

Wow. Two posts where I publically endorse Liberal actions and/or policies. I still haven't got my senate offer or ambassadorship offer, so I'm not off to join Liblogs just yet.

The Ontario Liberal government is to introduce legislation that would make it illegal to force somebody to retire at age 65 (from CBC Toronto Online: Province to end mandatory retirement).

What's interesting is that the Ontario NDP opposes the legislation, I believe on the premise that it means seniors will need to keep working because they need money.
Ontario's New Democratic Party has vowed to fight the legislation announced Tuesday, saying the real issue is providing adequate pensions, not designing ways for people to work longer.
Essentially this legislation removes a type of discrimination. People being told that they must retire at 65 is unfair and shows little respect to the individual.

The NDP should not be fighting this legislation that removes discrimination. If I choose to work past 65, no employer should be able to just remove me.

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