Sunday, June 26, 2005

"Holding the Nose"

A visitor to my blog made the following comment after my last post to my blog.
The Conservatives and Bloc joined forces in order to take down the government; If they had have been successful there would have been big electoral gains for the Bloc at the expense of a Federalist party with not much upside for the Conservatives.
I always give credit where credit is due, please visit Koby's blog.

During the last federal election, American Michael Moore called upon all Canadians not to elect "our George Bush" and to "hold our nose" and vote for Paul Martin.

Is this what it has come to?

Our only hope for a united country comes with a "Federalist" party that has done the most damage to the national fabric? That somehow, if we elect Liberals in every corner of this country (except for Quebec, that's lost), we'll be a better country? The bureaucracy they created was the most corrupt, the policies of inaction, the policies of "cut payments now, pay a little bit back later - blame the provincial goverments in the mean time" - they sure did like blaming Premiers Mike Harris and Ralph Klein.

The more I see the more it becomes apparent.

Take the much applauded Atlantic Accord. Did the federal government go to Nova Scotia and to Newfoundland & Labrador, and say, "Geez, you got all this oil and gas off your coast. You would really benefit from a different arrangement." No. Premier Williams had to remove all the Canadian flags from government buildings and dig his heels in. Then, "Hold Your Nose" Martin came out of the woodwork.

Then, of course, the Conservatives are blamed for halting this agreement. Even Premier Williams had no choice but ask Conservative MPs to go against their party and support the Liberal tactic.

In short, Newfoundland & Labrador Conservative MPs had to "hold their nose".

We should hold our noses and vote for the Liberal Party, because the alternatives are too scary to think about? I disagree on that, I do think the Conservatives make a better choice, but that's me and everybody else on the blog list on the right.

Is this going to be on the Liberal Party motto for the next election? "Just Hold Your Nose; We Don't Taste That Bad!"


Anonymous said...

First let me put this into proper context. Jay Hill had made a claim that yes the Conservatives had teamed up with the Bloc, but now the Liberals have and so the media should stop harpering on the former if they are not prepared to harpering on the latter. "This is a very lame talking point. The Conservatives and Bloc joined forces in order to take down the government; If they had have been successful there would have been big electoral gains for the Bloc at the expense of a Federalist party with not much upside for the Conservatives. Somehow this is the same as the Liberals making a deal with the Bloc to end Conservtive obstructionism. The Bloc would vote with the Liberals to end Conservative obstruction and in return the Liberals would pass a Liberal Bill that did not affect the people of Quebec in any way. SSM marriage is already legal in Quebec."

Second, let me point out the statement is true. Given the poll numbers at the time, things would have stayed pretty much the same. Except, the Liberals would be slightler weaker and the Bloc slightly stronger.

This is Jay Hill's most recent gem. "It's going to be extremely hard to know whether we can trust anyone after what happened on Thursday night,"

Good god, angry has gone over so well, the Conservatives want to move on to angry and paranoid.

hat tip declan.

Steve Stinson said...

Koby should hold his criticism about the Conservatives working with the Bloc until such time that Harper tries to force an election that the CPC is sure to lose and the Liberals are sure to win.

In my view, the greatest threat to Canadian unity would be for the rest of Canada to re-elect the Liberals, despite their almost complete rejection by Quebecers. That would send the signal that Canadians condone what the Liberals have done and most Quebecers would find that deeply offensive, myself included. Sounds to me like "winning conditions" for the separatists.

Walsh Writes said...

What does Paul Martin, Michael Moore, the UN, the MSM and the Canadian Elite all have in common?

They are all COMMIES through and through.

Koby said...

The main reason for the recent spike in separtism is entirely do what is happening at Gomery. There is no doubt about it. Does this mean that Quebecers would prefer Stephen Harper to Paul Martin. Of course not. On an issue by issue basis they reject Harper's view of the world outright. They did not, for example, see eye to eye gay marriage, marijuana decriminalization and certainly not on the Iraq war. That is why the Conservatives are at 10% in Quebec. Quebecers are pissed at the Liberals, but they would see the election of Stephen Harper as a sign that the rest of Canada rejects pretty much everything Quebecers value.

Koby said...

I wonder how much Quebecers love Harper after today. Given Harper's most recent comments, I would not be surprised to see the Conservative sink to 5% in Quebec.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

That was a bit of an oopsy, I'll admit.