Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gilles Duceppe Considering a Run at PQ Leadership

It was kind of an easy prediction to make (from CBC Online; Duceppe interested in PQ leadership).
Earlier on Monday, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe said he will consider running for the PQ leadership.

Landry's decision stunned him, Duceppe told reporters in Ottawa Monday.

"I was very surprised. He's a friend. He's a friend of my wife, also. It was very tough for us to see what happened," Duceppe said.

He added that he will spend time weighing his options before committing to a run for the leadership of the provincial separatist party.

Bernard Landry walks with his wife, Chantal Renaud, after his resignation on Saturday. (CP photo) "Is it Ottawa, is it Quebec?" he said. "I consider both places are very important, so I want my decision to be based on certainty."

Duceppe said he wants to lead the Bloc into the next federal election, which will come in February at the latest. If he is interested in seeking the provincial party leadership, his high profile and popularity in Quebec might convince party officials to delay the leadership contest to accommodate him.

Quebec's Liberal premier, Jean Charest, has two years left in his mandate.

Duceppe, 57, said his decision will rest on how he can best help Quebec achieve independence from Canada.
How it plays out will be interesting. Mr. Duceppe wants to lead the BQ into the next federal election using his popularity (and inversely, the notoriety of the Liberals) to take the BQ to new heights. Then, once that's done and the BQ is firmly entrenched, leave the party and take over the PQ's reins.

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