Monday, June 06, 2005

Christian groups look to influence Liberals, not just Tories

I happened to see this over at Yahoo! News. I say "happened" because I sometimes fail to check My Yahoo! for my news headlines (Christian groups look to influence Liberals, not just Tories):

Recent headlines have said Christian activists have captured Conservative nominations in eight ridings across the country.

And some Tories warn that evangelical Christians are trying to hijack the party and impose an anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage agenda that will hurt the party's efforts to appear more moderate and mainstream.

But McVety and other Christian activists counter there's nothing new or threatening about their activities. Nor are they exclusive to the Conservative party.

McVety said his group, which opposes same-sex marriage, helped a number of like-minded Liberals secure nominations prior to last year's election.

Among them were Toronto-area MPs Paul Szabo, Tom Wappel, Jim Karygiannis, Dan McTeague and Albina Guarnieri, now veterans affairs minister, and Oshawa MP Judi Longfield.

Interesting ... I know of a few people to have voted Liberal just so as to not vote Conservative.

Again, interesting.

Of note, I didn't see this as a top headline in any newspaper ...

Again, interesting.

Isn't this the cornerstone of the anti-Conservative LiberalNDP* party rhetoric?

* LiberalNDP; when sometimes I can't tell the difference between the two, I'll marry them into one wrong-thinking entity. :)

As to my position, I think MP John Reynolds said it best in the May 27 article in the Globe & Mail:
John Reynolds, the retiring Conservative MP who ran the party's nomination process, said the fact that social conservatives have won his party's nominations is simply a function of democracy.

"I don't believe in appointments and neither does our party, so we get some real battles," Mr. Reynolds said. "People say, 'Can't you do something about these guys running?' and I say 'Hey, you can do something: go out and sign up some more people.' "

That said, Mr. Reynolds is offended by attempts to paint the Conservative party as a harbour for religious zealots.

"There were three dozen Liberals who voted with us on the same-sex thing," he said. "Nobody is going after them and saying, 'Look at these far-right Christians that got into the Liberal Party.' "

If reporters who write about Christian fundamentalists taking over his party were to "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian, do you think they would let you print it?" he asked. "I doubt it."

Exactly. The Conservative Party is open to all, democratic to all.


Anonymous said...

Well, they sure influenced Harper - he being one of them.

And, he didn't appear to have learned a thing ... imagine calling an adult woman "into the principal's office" after her holiday in the Carribean with her boyfriend, MacKay !!

So much for brains in the "family values party" of the fundies of Calgary.

Exaclty what did they expect Stronach to do after being treated that way, except to hit back hard.

Oh - just ask any woman in the workplace, if she's surprised when her boyfriend keeps full benefits of his job, while she's forced out !!

Separation of church and state, friends - separation of church and state ... and I'd start with separating that loser Harper. He's yet to win a round against the Liberals.

Sooner or later we gotta admit the guy's a loser.


Paul said...

anonymous: Stronach was/is a political whore. She will stand for whatever she thinks will get her elected. Harper has by and large remained true to his beliefs, yet on social issues has allowed his MPs freedom to vote their conscience. What Liberals find so hard to swallow, is a conservative leader who actually lets his members vote their choice. That, is the opposite of bigotry, and it drives Liberals nuts, because it leaves them with nothing but to call conservatives names... the default mode of all true liberal socialists. You want social bigotry, talk to a Liberal.

Anonymous said...
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