Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bernard Landry quits as Parti Quebecois leader

Will Gilles Duceppe follow Lucien Bouchard's move, and leave the federal wing to become the new leader of the "home" party?

From, Bernard Landry quits as Parti Quebecois leader.

It is interesting to follow the Parti/Bloc Quebecois politics. While the Bloc Quebecois is definitely the federal version of the Parti Quebecois, the Bloc Quebecois maintains loyalty to Quebec, first, over sovereignty. That is, regardless of the party in power in Quebec, if the province needs something pushed at the federal government level, the Bloc seeks it on their behalf in Ottawa. They still seek separation, sure, but they are responsible.

In this way, I think the Bloc could serve Quebec more if they weren't tied to the sovereignty-driven Parti Quebecois.

At the very least, they wouldn't be referred to as "The Separatists" in Ottawa.

Regardless, I don't believe in a separate Quebec, I think Quebec is stronger within Canada as much as Canada is stronger with Quebec.

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