Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Poetic Justice

I went to the Comic Book/Anime/Science Fiction Expo 2002 at the Metro Convention Centre on Saturday, August 24. Here is my report.

Ironically, booked at the very same time, was some Fitness/Work Out/Musclehead convention. All these muscleheads walking around, veins bursting in every joint, eyebrow, and neck in the place side by side with ... well, the "great mass of the unwashed" never held truer - being interested in less mainstream entertainment is one thing, but refusing to use a bar of soap is another.

The lengths to which some people get involved is fascinating to say the least. I mean, I saw a 6' 1", 300 lb. woman dressed up as Sailor Moon. Before you ask, I was tastefully dressed in my Autobot (Transformers) t-shirt with my cargo shorts and Nike sandals ... enough to fit in, but not enough that I'd have to worry about getting beaten up on Front St.

Anyway, you could hear the heckling from the Work Out Group - snips about the "fragrance", the costumes, the overbites ... I think the Work Out Group lost all credibility when, muscles rippling, they couldn't open a door to leave the convention centre. Their frustration grew, the perspiration quadrupled, until someone with a Sci-Fi All Access Pass walked by and pointed out the sign that read, "This door locked at all times". I didn't hear another peep from them.

That incident made standing in line for 45 minutes to get my ticket while the guy behind me whined about how much he'd kill to have a shield like Captain America all the more worthwhile.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Bye Bye

Have you ever wished that someone would get hit by a bus or run over by rampaging elephants, only to have something like that happen?

Well, I left a company a few months back due to unbearable working conditions - I won't say which company, but I will say it's an extremely large and international investment firm. Actually, that describes the last two jobs, but - it's the one I just left.

Anyway, the division I was employed with just shut down. In a way, I'm extremely happy to see the whole farce blow up. Yet, I can't help but feel bad for the hundred or so people now out of work.

Just another weird thing.